Miles Sabin has recently committed the Equinox Aspects-based approach to JDT integration for the Scala plugin to trunk. This approach is similar to the one used by the AJDT as described by Andrew Eisenberg.

Soon after that commit, Miles embarked on a bug-killing mission. Nightlies are available from the usual place, but they rely on the trunk of the compiler and standard library. With APIs still in flux, it would be nice to be able to use the improved plugin with the compiler and standard library from the 2.7.x branch (this includes a few important fixes added after the 2.7.3 release).

Since it seemed like no-one else had time to do that in the near future, I did it myself. It’s available here in case it’s useful for anyone else. In the interest of full disclosure, I applied the following patch to the plugin:

--- META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (revision 17110)
+++ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (working copy)
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@
- scala.library,
+ scala.library;bundle-version="[2.7.3,2.7.4)",
Index: src/scala/tools/editor/Typers.scala
--- src/scala/tools/editor/Typers.scala (revision 17110)
+++ src/scala/tools/editor/Typers.scala (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@


-import scala.annotation.unchecked.uncheckedStable
import scala.collection.jcl._

import nsc.{util,io}
Index: src/scala/tools/editor/TypersPresentations.scala
--- src/scala/tools/editor/TypersPresentations.scala (revision 17110)
+++ src/scala/tools/editor/TypersPresentations.scala (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@


-import scala.annotation.unchecked.uncheckedStable
import scala.collection.jcl.{LinkedHashMap,LinkedHashSet}
import scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer

@@ -595,10 +594,13 @@
val str = name.decode
val key = if (sym.isMethod) str.trim+header(sym) else str.trim
val last = str.last
+ import

// TODO: check accessibility.
- if (name.isTypeName == isType && str.toLowerCase.startsWith(leading.toLowerCase) &&
- (str.indexOf('$') == -1) && last != ' ' && !contains(key)) {
+ if (name.isTypeName == isType && (str.indexOf('$') == -1) && last != ' ' &&
+ !contains(key) && (str.toLowerCase.startsWith(leading.toLowerCase) ||
+ SearchPattern.camelCaseMatch(leading, str))) {
val sym0 = if (verify==null) sym else verify(sym)
if (sym0 != compiler.NoSymbol) {
val high = if (pt != null) sym0.tpe <:< pt

It includes my simple camel-case content assist patch, some version restrictions and the removal of the imports for the uncheckedStable annotation since it was moved outside of the scala package in 2.8.0. The compiler and standard library are the latest version from the 2.7.x branch. I’ve done some light testing and the plugin works for me, but the usual disclaimers apply. Be prepared to have to uninstall and reinstall the plugin if things don’t work out.

Update: I noticed that two annoying bugs were introduced on Friday. I would recommend not using the current build. I will update it once they are fixed.

Update 2: See here for a newer build with fixes for the mentioned issues.

Update 3: With the release of Scala 2.7.4-rc1, this backport is obsolete.